The Benefits of Career Education

Five Telltale Signs That a Blog is AI Generated

Last month our roving reporter published an article where Chat GPT was pitted against a human writer. Following up on reader feedback here are some five telltale signs, that the content may have been AI-generated. This is not an exhaustive list, and this article is written in an Australian context.

1. Check the spelling and grammar. Chat GPT is trained to write in almost flawless US English. So look closely has it spelt organisation or organization? Colour or color? Also, check for the use of the Oxford comma. It is less prevalent in US English than in Australian or even UK English.
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Chat GPT vs Humanity

We'd asked them both, blindly to write the same paragraph. Can you spot which is which?

In the dynamic realm of blog writing, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a game-changer, providing many advantages while seamlessly emulating human craftsmanship. Leveraging AI in blog creation optimises efficiency and productivity, empowering writers to generate engaging and insightful content at an unprecedented pace. AI algorithms meticulously analyse vast amounts of data, enabling writers to effortlessly access a wealth of information and enhance the depth and breadth of their articles. Moreover, AI-powered language models adeptly capture the nuances of human expression, seamlessly emulating a skilled human writer's authentic tone and style. This remarkable technology significantly streamlines the writing process, allowing bloggers to devote more time to other creative pursuits and foster a stronger connection with their readership. Ultimately, AI empowers writers to maintain the illusion of human authorship while reaping the invaluable benefits of enhanced efficiency, expanded knowledge, and elevated engagement with their audience.

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The Aged Care Industry cries out for more Workers

Following the recent Jobs and Skills summit, a newfound emphasis is being placed on the need for qualified workers in the aged care industry.  The Aged care industry was one of the hardest hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic due to it being an industry that has been largely propped up by migrant workers who could not enter Australia due to border restrictions. 

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Major VET Changes Announced

Over the weekend major overhauls to the Vocational Education sector were announced that aim to make the vocational sector in Australia easier to navigate, and more efficient. This will largely be done through the removal of significant duplicate units and courses, something which has plagued vocational education for some time.

There are currently 5,000 vocational education and training or VET units which have more than 70% overlap with at least one other unit. By combining many of these courses and units the simplified vocational education system would become easier to understand for students while also reducing the work required for vocational educators.

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